General information

Destination: Tokyo, Okinawa, Osaka, Kyoto

General information

Japan National Tourist Organization / useful to get the basic Japan related info.

Weather in Japan


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Tsukiji Market

Tea ceremony house


Required Readings:

Bradley J. Willcox, M.D., D. Craig Willcox, Ph.D, Makoto Suzuki, M.D. The Okinawa Program: How the World's Longest-Lived People Achieve Everlasting Health--And How You Can Too. Three River Press, 2002.

Additional Readings:

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Useful Websites:

The Okinawa Centenarian Study / many works on Okinawan longevity (particularly with the Okinawa Centenarian Study) can be accessed

The Okinawa Diet Program / Website about Okinawan diet, supervised by the researchers of the Okinawa Centenarian Studies. If you are interested in this website and want to help them, please let the organizers know.


Osaka city

Osaka castle

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pan cake)

Sumo (Japanese wrestling)


Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto