Greeting from organizers


We are proud to sponsor the Japan Trip (JT) 2009. JT 2009 is going to be held during Spring Break (21-29 March, 2009). All members of the HSPH and other schools around the Boston-area are welcome to join.

This is a non-credit trip which is largely targeted to those who are interested in learning about public health situations in Japan. Through personal engagement and interactions with the local people, policy makers, health professionals and key stakeholders, we’ll offer lots of opportunities to find significant clues of how Japanese people achieved the longest healthy life expectancy. You will also be introduced to the Japanese cuisine, culture, history, and traditions.

This year, we'll visit Tokyo, Okinawa, Kyoto and Osaka. Let's explore inspiring, amazing and funky places!!

The highlight of the trip would be "The Longevity Village" in Okinawa. We'll visit a village which has an incredibly long life expectancy (almost 90 for women!!). Meet, talk and play with inspiring local residents, and you’ll get “something.” We believe that this trip would be life-changing for you.

We will hold information sessions before thanks-giving.

EVERYONE is welcome to join! And suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!!!!!

HSPH Student club of Japan and BUSPH JT Organizing Committee


Reiko Akizuki
Tokihiko Ando
Hana Hayashi
Miwako Hosoda
Teppei Kiuchi
Katsuki Sakai
Rieko Takahashi
Shiho Takaoka
Mitsuru Toda
Junta Yamamichi
(alphabetical order of last name.)