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What do you know about Japan? What really makes Japanese live so long? How does the Japanese health care and public health system work? Why not join us for the Japan trip to explore the secrets? This is a trip once in your lifetime !!

Key Facts


A school-wide, voluntary, non-credit study trip to Japan organized by HSPH Student Club of Japan


March 22(Sat)-March 30(Sun), 2008 (Spring Recess)


Open to students, faculties and fellows, who belong to any schools


Tokyo, Nagano, Nagoya(Toyota), Kyoto (Option: Hiroshima)
(Government, Company, University, and many Cultural Experiences)-- Details

How much:

Total: US $1,100Details

Previous Trip:

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What can we learn?

1. Power & Influence
Understand how the Japanese public health systems work
- Meet the Minister of Health
-- (discuss the challenges of Japan's public health system)
- Visit University of Tokyo
-- (take part in the symposium held by HSPH Student Club of Japan)

2. Culture & Lifestyle
Understand what really makes Japanese people live so long
- Eat Japanese food three times a day
- Relax in a Japanese hot spring

3. Technology & Work Ethic
Understand what makes Japan different
- Visit the Toyota automobile factory
--(observe quality control on the production lines)
- Take the bullet train and Tokyo subway trains (experience their sophisticated operations)
- Observe workers’ ehics of employment, whether working in a grocery or a corporate boardroom

Why embark on the HSPH Japan Trip 2008?

1. Learn how the Japanese health care and public health systems work
2. Immerse yourself in the energy of the Japanese people
3. Experience real Japanese culture, tradition and cuisine
4. Let experts guide you through modern Japanese cities
5. …and most importantly, have FUN!



Total: US $1,100


  • accomodations (7 nights)
  • ground transportation fare (Narita - Tokyo - Nagano - Aichi - Kyoto - Osaka)
  • meal expenses(4-breakfast, 4-lunch, 5-dinner)


  • airfare (Boston (BOS) - Narita (NRT), Osaka (KIX) - Boston (BOS) )
  • ground transportation (Boston)
  • visa-related expenses
  • optional tours (including ground transportation)
  • other miscellaneous costs