Japan Trip 2014

Schedule: March 15 (Sat)-23 (Sun), 2014 (spring break; between Spring 1 and 2)

Theme: The Secrets of Japanese Longevity

Mission: To provide future leaders of public health with better understanding of the situation in Japan, and to gain insights into the Japanese public health systems that support the vastly growing aging population as a sample model that can be brought back to their own practice

Participants: approx. 20 HSPH Students/fellows

*All members of HSPH were welcome to join (including doctoral students, fellows, postdocs, faculties, etc.).
*This trip was non-credit, voluntary.

Information Sessions

November 21 (Thu), 2013, 17:30-18:30 at FXB G-12
November 22 (Fri), 2013, 12:30-13:30 at FXB G-12
# Both sessions were identical.

Study Sessions

Session 1: February 20 (Thu), 2014, 17:30-18:30 at FXB G-12

Speaker 1: Dr. Toru Tsuboya, SBS Visiting Researcher
Title: "Japan Overview"
Speaker 2: Dr.Junichi Naganuma, MPH candidate
Title: "General Overview of Universal Health Care System in Japan"

Session 2: February 24 (Mon), 2014, 17:30-18:30 at Kresge G-2

Speaker 1: Professor Ichiro Kawachi, SBS Chair
Title: "Japanese Longevity: More than the Tofu."
Speaker 2: Dr.Shinichi Tomioka, Takemi Fellow, GHP
Title: "General Overview of Long-Term Care Insurance System in Japan"

# Registered Japan Trip participants will be given priority seating, but we welcome other students or faculty members on a first-come first-served basis.

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