Japan Trip Enquete Form

Thank you very much for your coorperation. This small pre-JT survey is closed.

Genetic factors
Social factors
Health Policy
Medical care
If you have any other ideas, please describe.

Which activities are you interested in or do you want to participate in the 19th morning? Please select one of them.
Tsukiji Fish Market
The biggest fish market in the world and the best place to eat sushi (9 am - 12 pm)
Japanese traditional restaurant
Traditional Kaiseki lunch & Japanese table manner (11 am - 2 pm)
Health care company
Public health promotion of Japanese industry, Kao, Inc. (10 am - 12 pm)
University Hospital in Japan
Teikyo Univ (Japanese website only), where top-flight public health practices proceed and HSPH alumni will guide you.

What are you interested in or what do you want to do during your free time in Tokyo? You will have time in 18th night, 19th afternoon, and 20th morning. We will arrange the trip as much as you like.

Please choose three in the order of your preference from the four numbered options below.

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2nd choice:
3rd choice: 

Teikyo Univ Hospital (Japanese website only), lecture for smoking situation, etc. Teikyo University hospital has a new health care center.

e.g. Japanese arts in Edo era (17th to 19th century) or before in Tokyo National Museum. March 19th is a auspicious day for wedding in Japanese calendar, you may see the traditional ceremony in Meiji Jingu, one of the largest shrine.

e.g. Akihabara electric town, gigantic department stores (e.g. Isetan), etc

e.g. variety of cultural activities, Life Safety Learning Center, Imperial palace, etc. The Life Safety Learning Center owns earthquake simulation section, and you can enjoy it there.